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Party Questionnaire

Name (optional)

Do you think the sew on "name tags" and card label enhance the look and make it look a better quality product?
Have you heard of the concept of colours having a season and that we each suit one season best and look better wearing that season's colours?
Have you heard of the tonal colour analysis concept and that colours fall into either warm, cool, bright or muted categories and again we all look better wearing the one which suits us best.
Which of the two concepts do you think is easier to follow?
Have you had your colours analysed previously?
If we published a scarf tying tip or style tip every month would you be more likely to follow us on Twitter or Facebook?
Would you share that information on your Twitter or Facebook page?
Would you be more likely to share the tip if it was published as part of a competition with a chance of winning a voucher for example?
Do you think this concept would work as a party plan method of selling - with the hostess being analysed for her colour season for example?

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