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Before we can decide which season you are we first need to decide what your skin tone is.

It should be either warm or cold, but with some people it can be hard to tell.

We have three quick tests in this first section, and optionally two extra tests if the results aren’t obvious.

After this we can then test whether you are bright or muted, and the combination of the two tests will show which season you are.

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Foundation Test

The Foundation Test is a very easy and accurate method. Dab a pink based cream foundation on one cheek or one side of your forehead, then dab a yellow based one on the other cheek or side of your forehead – a quick visit to your local cosmetics counter can help but don’t assess under the bright shop fluorescent lights, wait until you are outside to finally decide!

Using a very thin layer look at which cream blends in as opposed to which looks painted on. The blended one is your match.

cool or warm foundation

Top row - pink based.
Bottom row - yellow based

The colours on top row are cool shades of pink, the bottom row are warm and will have a yellow or browner hue.

Which blends best with your skin?
Gold or Silver Test

Take a piece of silver paper or fabric and a piece of gold and place one hand against each.

You should remove all jewelry before doing this and the inner part of your wrist is again probably best as it gets less sun exposure. Again remember to use natural light to assess.

The correct colour will make your skin blend well with the paper or fabric – the wrong colour will look uneven or perhaps speckled.

Gold or Silver

Gold or Silver

Select which colour blends best
Vein Test

We find this one a little more difficult as you need good light and skin with no false tan.

Either turn your palms over so you are looking at the inner part of your wrist or look at the inside, untanned portion of your upper arm in natural light.

Does the skin around your veins have more of a pink/blue or a yellow/greenish tone?

Perhaps try your inner wrists next to a friends to compare differences?

Warm or cool skin tone

Try and ignore the colour of your veins, all veins themselves are blue,  and examine the overall hue of the skin around them.

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